Our Data Protection Statement

Data Protection

Our Data Protection Statement

This statement details how we gather, hold, process, transmit your Personal Data.  Chilvester Limited is registered with the Information Commissioners Office as a data controller under ref Z7362378.  All correspondence, notices or requests regarding this should be addressed to; The Compliance Officer, Chilvester Limited, 1 Oxford Road, Calne SN11 8AA

We will be relying on consent and/or our legitimate interest to collect and use your personal information to enable us to:

  • Provide a financial advisory service for you
  • Promote our services (only with your consent)
  • Maintain our own accounts
  • To support and manage our staff
  • Intermediate on your behalf with financial product providers in relation to financial transactions

To enable us to provide services as above, we may process some or all of the following information:

  • Personal details
  • Family details
  • Financial details
  • Lifestyle and social circumstances
  • Employment and education details
  • Services or products provided

To intermediate on your behalf, we may also need to process sensitive classes of information such as:

  • Physical or mental health details
  • Racial or ethnic origin
  • Religious belief
  • Trade union membership
  • Sexual life
  • Offences or alleged offences

We may collect your Personal Data from the following sources:

  • You and your family
  • Financial organisations
  • Employers
  • Publicly available information
  • Your professional advisers such as accountants or solicitors

How we store or transmit your Personal Data

  • Your Personal Data may be stored in paper or electronic format; we take care to ensure that this is held and transmitted securely
  • Some data is stored off-site with third party providers; where this happens, we take reasonable care to ensure that your data is held securely
  • We restrict your Personal Data to those members of staff that need access to fulfil our responsibilities and duties to you
  • Should we need to provide services to you that require us to transmit your Personal Data to countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) that do not have Data Protection Laws equivalent to those in the UK, we will take reasonable steps to ensure the privacy of your information

We may provide your data to the following third parties

  • Financial organisations in relation to buying products and services on your behalf
  • The Financial Conduct Authority or other statutory, governmental or regulatory body as required by legislation or practice
  • Other companies associated with us for carrying out operations on the information or data
  • To solicitors or other debt collection agencies for debt collection purposes
  • Other third parties such as accountants or solicitors but only with your explicit consent

Your rights with regard to the Personal Data we store

  • You can limit or withdraw your consent to our processing of your Personal Data at any time by telephoning the Compliance Officer on 01249 810050 or writing to the above address.  Please note that as a result we may be unable to continue to advise you effectively about your financial matters
  • You have a right to request access to the Personal Data held by us.  You may be charged a fee (subject to the statutory maximum) for supplying you with such data
  • We are very happy to rectify any errors in the Personal Data we hold on request
  • We only retain your Personal Data for as long as necessary and, subject to any legal or regulatory requirement, we will erase data on request

If you are unhappy about how we are holding or processing your Personal Data, please contact us in the first instance but you also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner on 0303 123 1113