Why the system is more important than the goal

Why the system is more important than the goal

February 18 2019 | Category: Money advice

We all set lots of goals. Some we hit, and some we don’t. But why is that? What can we do to give us a better chance of achieving our goals?

We’re all encouraged to set ourselves goals. You’ve probably heard about making goals SMART too.

Financial Goals

As financial planners, we get to help people toward some of the biggest goals in life. Buying a dream home, sending children to university, having financial independence, retirement. The list goes on.

There’s one thing that underpins success and progress toward goals: having a system.

If the goal is financial independence or retirement, the system is the way you prioritise what’s important, save money over time and make good investment decisions.

The goals are the direction, but the system is how you measure your progress toward achieving them.

Playing the System

If you’re just concentrated on the goal, it can feel like a bit of a slog until you get there. You don’t get the pay-off until the end. In financial planning terms, it can take years of committed saving to reach the pivotal milestones we set ourselves.

But turn it on its head. Think about the system and how you’re going to feel when you make some progress.

Having a Financial Plan

We help our clients build great financial plans to put them on the way to reaching their future goals. Whilst it’s always great to see them get there, the greatest pleasure is helping them along the way and keeping them on track.

Financial planning doesn’t have to be boring, and the happiness doesn’t have to wait until the goal’s been hit. There’s great satisfaction in knowing the plan is in place and that there’s someone by your side to give you the best chance of getting there.